Precious Metals Trading: The Practical Process from Thermocouple to Recycling of Platinum-Rhodium Wire

In this issue, I want to talk about recycling platinum-rhodium wire from thermocouples. Thermocouples are devices used to measure temperature, and platinum-rhodium wire, especially types S, R, and B, is an essential material for making high-precision thermocouples.

Precious Metal Recycling
Let’s start with a brief overview of thermocouples. Essentially, a thermocouple is made by welding together two different metal wires. When one end is heated, the potential difference generated between the two metals can be used to measure temperature. Platinum-rhodium wire, with its exceptional stability and accuracy, has become the material of choice for high-end thermocouples.

Everything has a service life, including thermocouples. When they age or get damaged, the platinum-rhodium wire inside becomes scrap. The first step in recycling is to dismantle these thermocouples.

After dismantling, the platinum-rhodium wire is placed in a mixed acid to remove other metal impurities, then a reducing agent is added to reduce and thoroughly separate the platinum and rhodium. After separation, our platinum-rhodium wire recycling process is complete, integrating into the broader sphere of precious metals trading.

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